It is not out of place to call Bazoocam the best free random video chat roulette website. Unlike many platforms that show you gifs on video chat, here, you get to meet real people who are genuinely interested in making new friends.

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The Top International Random Video Chat

Are you idle, bored and uninterested in watching your favorite Netflix classics alone? It’s high time you interact with people and make new friends. What more relaxed atmosphere than Bazoocam can you do this? Bazoocam is the best international random video chat for you to explore. It is streets ahead of many video dialog sites in picking out v ery random strangers and making best friends or dating partners out of them.

It is also very easy to use, has a non-clustered interface and simple buttons that makes it very easy to communicate with a bunch of people on the go.

Cam to Cam Chat Website

Many cam to cam chat websites ask its users to sign up or pay a membership fee to take advantage of their platform’s features. Bazoocam, on the other hand, begs to be different. Users do not have to register to use the platform. However, doing so may give you access to some premium features. Still, it isn’t a must.

If you do not want to be bothered by creating an interesting profile and putting up preferences to meet someone new, this cam to cam website is the right train to get on.

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How Is Bazoocam Better Than Other Chatroulette Websites

Bazoocam, an international chat random video chat website is the best webcam chat website on the block for a bunch of reasons. One such is its unique pairing system aided by a geolocation proximity. This technology helps pair people of close proximity. If you are big on webcam chats with random strangers who share the same vibes with you, Bazoocam is a must try for you. Here are some of its other features that makes it one of the most popular among teens and adults alike.

  • Random Cam Chat

    The geolocation proximity pairs you with someone only a few miles away. The other’s vibes do not resonate with yours? Click next! Otherwise, stay on with your webcam in position and discuss your fantasies and future travel destinations.

  • Multiple Languages

    The developers of this platform made it an all-inclusive meeting point for people of all races and ethnic groups by providing support for multiple languages. Some of these languages include English, French Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Games Available

    Games are available for users of the site who do not know how to start a conversation. If this is you, you can choose a game to break the ice between you and the other person across the screen.

About Bazoocam

Bazoocam is a simple to use, yet, very functional video chat or cam to cam website for meeting random strangers online. It is one of the oldest chatroulette alternatives and has over a million regular users. Asides chatting with people over video, users can also play interactive games with each other. It is important to note that the site doesn’t tolerate pornographic chats. Its rules prohibit this. One of such rules is that users should not pull off their clothes while on a video chat.

Also, it is open to use by people of all ages and not limited to teens or youths alone.

How Does Bazoocam Work?

How does this video chat website work? It’s quite simple. Here’s how:

  • Visit
  • Click the start button and you will be paired with a random individual to begin your chat with. The proximity location feature may ensure that you are paired with someone who is geographically close to you.
  • Once you click the chat button, you should be able to chat.
  • If you want to speak with someone else instead, click the Next button. Do not forget to turn on your webcam for an immersive experience.

How to Start A Safe Video Chat on Bazoocam

Begin by setting your username and gender. Follow up with making sure your webcam is in good condition. Since you will be communicating with total strangers for the most part, do not make these video chats in corners of your home or office that can give your location away. For instance, if there is a popular statue in sight, the person on the other side of the screen can easily tell what part of town you are resident in. Also, do not continue conversation with someone unwilling to use their webcam. Not using a cam means they may be hiding something.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is The Bazoocam Legit and Safe?

    Yes. Bazoocam is legit and safe. Since, you do not have to make any payments for a premium membership plan, you are sure you can’t lose your card information to unscrupulous individuals. Also, the site is moderated by over 40 people at any point in time. This means that no time is wasted in expelling defaulters of the site’s rules or persons who may make the platform otherwise unsafe.

  • How to Choose Genders?

    There is a provision for choosing which gender you want to interact with on the platform. At the left-most side of the website, you will find three options to choose from – men, women and all. The all tab is for gender neutral individuals and persons who choose to be identified by something other than male or female.

  • How to Choose Countries?

    If you are intentional about the country your matches come from, you can choose as required from the top right corner of the website. Simply click on the country’s flag and you will be directed to the appropriate room.

  • How Can I Find The Best Performer Matching My Needs?

    The website uses a roulette system which means you may be matched with anybody. Therefore, you might not have a direct influence on the kind of person you come across on the platform. But be rest assured that you will meet your perfect match since it is filled with nice potential interlocutors.

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